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Chika F.K is a Japanese-born.
She worked in a salon, then as assistant to her boss, and then became freelance in 2011. 

From 2021, based in New York and Tokyo.
Not to mention the cuts and natural hair that bring out the person's original personality and charm
also good at creative world views using extensions and wigs.
 Various experiences in fashion magazines, advertisements, movies, shows etc.She is highly trusted by celebrities and is active in wide range of fields.
​2011年 アシスタントを経て独立し、フリーランスで活動開始
Heroine Magazine,10Magazine,10Magazine Men ,Harper's BAZAAR, Numero, ODDA Magazine, Twin Magazine, Tidal Magazine, Office Magazine, ELLE , Allure, ISSUE Magazine,  L'officiel , DNA Magazine , Life and Style Magazine, GQ ,We the Cool Magazine,Rebel Magazine, Report Magazine,Papercut Magazine ,Asian Fusion Magazine, JuteMagazine ,HUF magazine, KALTBLUT magazine,GRAZIA etc

AERA, UOMO、Mens JOKER、Numero、Street JACK、Smart、FINE、GQ JAPAN、SENSE、TRUNK、HUGE、BRUTUS、MEN’S NON-NO、GRIND、POPEYE、WWD、Gpaper、GALAC、LEON、GINZA、H、Kineya Junpo , FUDGE、OPNERS、BAILA、Discover Japan、Eyescream、Fine Boys、Houyhnhnm、HI-FASHION、MENS CLUB、KINARI、OCEANS、Ollie、otonaMUSE、Samurai magazine、SPUR、SPRING、SWAK、Tarzan、the DAY、to magazine、WARP、&Rosy、with
FENDI , Diners Club Card, Pater Petrov, Melissa, SUNTORY Maker's Mark、AJINOMOTO、BOURBON 、Mondelez Clorets、NOMURA Securities、DODA、TONEmobile、ASAHI Clear seven、Nippon Ham、ZIMA、NANOX、oxyd parfect wash、McDonald's、Air Asia、AOYAMA、ANA、AU、CANON、COCA-COKE、DAIHATSU、docomo、KFC、Panasonic、PROTOLEAF、Reebok、ROHTO、VAAM、UNIQLO、etc.
TANAKA, SYU、Studios、RAGE BLUE、Super NOVA、lidea、Actuel、ALLEGE、ANGLAIS、BRIEFING、DAIWA、GalaabenD、GGD、gourmet jeans, divka、goocy、INDUSTRIAL CATEGORY、John Lawrence Sullivan、juha、kappa、kastane、KATHARINE HAMNET watch、Luis、Lu'u Dan, Name.、Nine tailer, Oriental Traffic、SASQUATCHfabrix、Soe、stetson、THE NORTH FACE、The viridi-anne、URU、W.P.C、02DERIV、5351POUR HOMME、etc.
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